Wardrobe Tips

You may be refurbishing your old house or building a new one. No matter what you do, you can be certain that the requirement of a wardrobe will turn up sooner or later. Most people often find it confusing about whether to choose a fitted wardrobe or a freestanding one. Interior designers and home renovation experts suggest people that they should pick fitted cabinets instead of the regular ones. Now, a wardrobe doesn’t essentially belong inside your bedroom. You will find a worthwhile use for it in any room. The problem with freestanding cabinets is that you have to compromise on storage, appearance and more.

1. A perfect accompaniment: You may be wondering why you should go for fitted cabinets when you have readymade ones available. Well, with bespoke wardrobes from Beaconsfield, you will be a part of the design process. You get to state your ideas, preferences, likes and dislikes to the manufacturers. Apart from these features, the builders of wardrobes will use materials that match the style of your interiors.

2. Increasing the space: If you purchase a freestanding cabinet, then you have to free up space for it. However, there won’t be any such issue with the bespoke fitted wardrobes from Beaconsfield. They can fit in any place where you want them. There is nothing better than such a cabinet when you have to deal with tight areas. It is possible to personalize them so that they can occupy even the most unaccommodating corners. These areas remain useless otherwise. You can also have sliding wardrobes.

3. Illuminated interiors: It can be challenging to rummage through your stuff in overcast mornings. You end up pulling out the wrong dresses if there isn’t enough light. An excellent reason to stick to built-in cabinets is that they come with integrated lighting. You won’t have to depend on external light sources to brighten up the interiors of the wardrobe. With fixtures like LED strip lights and spotlights, you can illuminate the entire cupboard.

4. Everything customized: Built-in wardrobes come with multiple advantages, and so, interior designers favor them. You can personalize the storage accessories as per your necessities. If you prefer wearing informal clothes only, then you can avoid excess space for hangers or storage boxes. Your dressing style will lay more impetus on your shoes. Therefore, you can opt for a storage box that can house your exclusive footwear collection.

5. Suitable for all: As already mentioned, there are several problems to deal with when you buy a freestanding wardrobe. Firstly, the height of the cabinet has to match with the ceiling. Other than that, you have to see to it that the wardrobe doesn’t occupy much space. Conversely, with bespoke built-in cupboards, you can forget all these problems. You will direct the manufacturers about the size and height of the cabinet based on the available space.

No more problems

You should speak to your relatives, friends, or colleagues. When you do, you will notice most of them are unaware of the differences between freestanding and built-in wardrobes. This topic lifts the blanket that shrouds the variations between these two cupboard types. The information here compelled many homeowners to resort to the use of bespoke wardrobes. You too should ponder over the reasons and then make your choice